Drag infused comedy, theatre and events

Haus of Dench is a collective of LGBTQ+ performers who first came together in York, with the aim of creating safe spaces and fabulous events for local queers artists and comedians to express themselves. After 5 years producing various cabaret events (including the multi-award nominated cult night “Lip Sync Lollapalooza”) Haus of Dench has showcased its first theatrical venture “Drag Queens vs. Zombies” a culmination of years of work from multiple members of the group, winning awards and garnering multiple 5 and 4 star reviews. Their latest work “Drag Queens vs. Vampires” is hot on the heels of ‘Zombies’ success. Haus of Dench also regularly perform at cabaret shows, festivals and events up and down the UK and abroad. Interested in having our fabulous drag at your event? Email us today: info@hausofdench.co.uk