Haus Proud is an upcoming live stream event, raising money for York Pride and York LGBT Forum.

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Things are pretty sh**ty at the moment aren’t they? Due to the current COVID-19 Crisis, Pride festivals around the globe have had to be cancelled. Meaning that you can’t go and see your favourite Lady Gaga impersonator perform a Youtube ripped version of Born this Way underneath a Homebase gazebo at your local dog sh*te infested park in the pissing rain! 

I jest, Prides are an important symbol of defiance against the status quo and solidarity against those tossers who would frankly rather see us dead. 

But Pride and other LGBTQ plus organisations are under threat. With the cancellation of events and a reduced ability to face-to-face fundraise, we risk losing these charities that help so many LGBTQ+ individuals. 

That’s why me and my gals at the Haus of Dench have decided to copy everybody else and host a virtual show called HAUS PROUD.

We’ll be fundraising for York Pride and York LGBT Forum in our home city of YORK as well as showcasing some fantastic talent that you can tip and support #supportlocaldrag

Haus Proud will be streaming live on on 26/06/20 at 8pm (BST)

So get some bevs, open your hearts (and your wallets) and join us for a fabulous pride inside, see you on the 26th!