Our fabulous night originated in York, first as a comedy cabaret show, then evolving into a spectacular smash-up of comedy, cabaret and club night! 

Resident in Fibbers, York, our night takes place every month from October  - June each year. Championing local drag and comedy talent, York's biggest queer night brings together people of all flavours to party the night away in a fun and inclusive environment. 


Ed Williams - Canned Heat by Jamiroquai - Stalls' Lip Sync Lollapalooza (June 2015) 

Ed Williams and Lewis Crook - Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith - Stalls' Lip Sync Lollapalooza 2 (November 2015) 

Cara Vaggio - Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Lip Sync Lollapalooza (April 2016)

Chris Wall - Chandelier by Sia - Lip Sync Lollapalooza Summer Special (June 2016)

Kate Butch - Barbie Girl X Stranger Things mashup - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Halloqueen Special (October 2016)

Fanny Snatcher - Toxic by Britney Spears - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Apocalipsync (January 2017)

Coq Monsieur - DHMIS mashup - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Loveapalooza (February 2017)

Kate Butch - Low by Toddrick Hall - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Bank Holiday Birthday Bonanza with the Cheeky Girls (April 2017)

Fanny Snatcher - Perfect Isn't Easy by Bette Midler - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Sunshine and Shade (June 2017)

Kate Butch - A Clockwork Orange mashup - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Party on Uranus (October 2017)

Gayle Force - I Need a Hero by Jennifer Saunders - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Dungeons and Drag Queens (November 2017)

Kate Butch - Gemma Collins Mashup - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Breaks the Internet (January 2018)

Johanna Bang - Born this Way by Lady Gaga - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Turns back time (February 2018)

Gayle Force - This is Me from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Big Top (March 2018)

Narcissa Vice - Mother knows best vs. Call me Mother - Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Draggily Ever After (May 2018)


We are proud to support the following organisations through fundraising efforts at our nights:

York Pride - North Yorkshire's biggest annual LGBT+ Celebration

York LGBT History Month - York-based charity promoting local LGBT history and LGBT history locally