The Haus first formed in October 2015 as a group of fans of the TV show Rupaul’s Drag Race. The group would regularly talk and¬†review the show and its drag queens as well as make trips to local drag bars and clubs to study up on the craft.

An early Dench outing in November 2015

Whilst the group was forming, Matt “Stalls” Stallworthy (one of the founding members of the Haus of Dench) was developing a format for a cabaret/club night called “Stalls’ Lip-Sync Lollapalooza” at the University of York campus. This night moved to Fibbers nightclub in York city centre and the first few queens and kings in the haus were born.¬†

Photo from the second on campus Lip Sync event in November 2015

The name “Haus of Dench” was first used publicly in October 2016 with the haus officially establishing itself in January 2017. Since then the Haus has grown in popularity and fandom, with its flagship night Lip Sync Lollapalooza growing to become the most popular alternative night in York’s clubbing calendar, and the “Denchers” (as they refer to themselves) appearing at a variety of pride and music festivals along with appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

2018 has been their biggest year yet: Performing with Season 9 winner of RPDR Sasha Velour, sell-out shows in their home city, our first wedding gig, a hit Edinburgh Fringe run and a nation-wide scandal with Big Brother contestants India Whillohby and Courtney Act! Is there anything these drags can’t do? The answer is no, we’ll do anything (for the right price)